aha – audience hearing portrait analysis Audience / Listeners profile is a robust scientific tool,
which analyses the listeners on various dimensions thereby giving the Speaker / Communication
team an edge to tailor their messages to make them more effective and sharp. Real time
analytics with the freedom to pick and choose empowers the speakers to be sharper and not
too dependent on backend information.

  • One time study, typically every 2 years
  • Deep dive analytics on real time basis
  • Dimensions (Sample)
  • Data Vs Story
  • Trust Vs Suspicious
  • Patient Vs Impatient

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Voice of Candidate is a tool that captures the experience and voice of candidates immediately at the end of the interview / recruitment process. The tool analyzes and identifies the strengths and areas of focus.
Voice of Candidate focuses on various dimensions ranging from Infrastructure
and Interview Panel Conduct to Hospitality and Overall Experience
  • Voice of Candidate can be conducted by a conversation or through a survey
  • It captures the experience and feedback of the candidate immediately at the end of the interview / recruitment (post 48 hours)
  • Realtime dashboard generates dimension wise reports
  • Analytics dashboard gives the feature of deep diving
  • Option to analyse data based on any time frame
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myManager Connect firmly believes that people leave organisations but quit managers and hence the managers are the core to any engagement strategy.

myManager Connect captures strength of the relationship between Manager / Supervisor and Employee on multiple dimensions besides focussing on the organisation engagement dimensions of connect and delight.

  • A robust questionnaire based on solid research
  • Comprehensively covers all the aspects of a People Manager’s JD
  • Detailed reports analyse all Managers and categorises them from Best to Bottom (Ranks Managers on People Effectiveness)
  • The system generates recommendations to individual managers based on their scores and action plans
  • Managers are given provision to set action points which also allows them to regularly track the progress.
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A VR based model which enables onboarding of individuals into the organisation using innovative techniques of Video Learning, Games, Quizzes, Psychodrama techniques etc.

Ease of access and customisation of content from time to time through central team to ensure that the topics and subject remain timeless and consistent with the changing needs of the organisation.

  • Real Life Experience leaves the employee with a ‘WoW’ feeling within the few hours of joining
  • In person experience ensures they are productive and energised to get to their work desk and deliver.
  • Top focus priorities being : Assimilation & Socialisation – To induct into the culture and ethos through stories and experiences
  • Race to Productivity-To enable on-time and real-time onboarding without waiting for quorum or minimum numbers
  • End to end solutioning from Hardware, Software, designing etc-To ensure a ‘WoW’ experience
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myIDP Guide / Coaching diary is an application for capturing the Goals and Progress between a Coach / Mentor and Protégé on regular basis.

myIDP Guide / Coaching diary captures requirements across the developmental cycle and gives required access facility to sponsors and HR to monitor progress etc.

  • Easy to use, idiot proof
  • Caputures all segments from Goal setting to Task follow etc
  • Facility for sponsor and other authorised personnel to monitor
  • Easily accessible through Mobile and Desktop
  • Facility to print and file

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Human Analytics is a SAAS based solution where in organisations can upload their data in full confidence and with a mix of business intelligence, data sciences and technology can draw deep inferences on various people dimensions.

Human analytics answers the top 13 questions which puzzle any CEO / CHRO on the different aspects of the Employee Lifecycle.

  • Organisation need not share any data with any party, it uploads the data directly on the website / tool
  • Critical 13 questions include :
    • Which of the current initiates are yielding the best results and which aren’t
    • Among the shortlisted candidates which one to offer and which one to hold
    • Intelligent tool with dashboards & analytics, fully automated
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Happiness Index is a tool (The Pulse Study, Mood Meter) that captures the sentiment levels across the organisation in a hassle free manner and flags hot spots for proactive action planning. The choice of questions for Pulse study includes Future (Outlook) •Risk Management•Ecosystem & Surroundings•Impending Change•Management Decisions•Policies•Culture•Manager•

  • 24 Surveys across the year in a calendarised fashion without any involvement from HR
  • Each survey doesn’t take more than a minute to answer – Survey can be done on mobile / desktop
  • Dashboard and Analytics provide deep insights
  • The admin has the faculty to choose a wide variety of questions to trigger on a need basis
  • Prevents forwarding and protects the identity. Coded survey links which are Confidential

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The SoS Compass is a ‘Scale of Stress’ Measurement and is essentially a psychological measure to assess the emotional wellbeing of an organization. The Measurement is on A.B.C.D.E. scale – A – Absolute, B – Breakdown, C – Chronic, D – Distress, E – Eustress

All the employees (participants / fellow travellers) can download the free android and iOS App which not only gives them access to their scores but also updates them with various information on weekly basis in form articles, research papers, videos etc

  • Behavioural indicators derived questionnaire
  • Individual and Org wide reports generated, individual reports not accessible to anyone
  • Measurement is strengthened by management by creating access to various resources
  • Advance features like SoS Alarm available for professional help and support
  • Free upgrades and content updation on weekly basis
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Return On Training Effectiveness is a tool that captures training feedback across three stages of Day 0, Day 30 and Day 90. It is based on the scientific principles of Alignment, Awareness and Application. Responses from both the participants and Supervisors are taken.

Return On Training Effectiveness also analyses the returns on impact (investment) in terms of what was the amount spend vis-a-vis perceived derived impact

  • SaaS based tool- plug&play
  • Easy to administer as no customisation for training programs required
  • Mobile / Web based 2 minute survey
  • Intelligent tool with dashboards & analytics
  • Separate dashboards for alignment, awareness and application index dashboards besides Faculty and categories of the programs
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OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal setting system and performance monitoring platform. It is a simple approach towards creating alignment and engagement around measurable and ambitious goals.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) enables to set goals at the Organisation, Department and Individual level on the basis of common codes without having to cascade the same goals.

  • Key Features : Agility , Alignment and cross functional cooperation , reduced time for setting goals , clear communication
  • Bidirectional Goal Setting
  • Activity-based Key Results and Value-based Key Results
  • Shared OKR & dynamic reviews of the Objectives
  • Tracking results with the weekly check in etc

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Exit Analysis operates at two levels, the first being an interview based analytical tool which captures feedback of the employees exiting.

Leavers DNA focusses on deep sciences like Survival Analysis and Cox Regression to identify patterns and Trends.

  • Exit Analysis can be conducted by conversations or through a survey
  • It captures the experience and feedback of the employee about his / her tenure at the organisation
  • Intelligent tool with dashboards & analytics, fully automated
  • Detailed analysis like trigger point to leave , reasons for exit, over all experience
  • Predictive analysis to monitor attrition and retention trends and hot spots
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